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Company History

DMS Limited was found in 2002 with a commitment to be a pioneer in importing Food,Cosmetics & Toiletries additives and ingredients, providing only quality products and service that can be trusted by all customers.

After ten years later, the commitment has never been changed. And together with out neverceasing development, now we have been representative of leading International Manufacturer and become a leader in providing the finest food additie and ingredients for Food, Cosmetics & Toiletries in Bangladesh. Furthermore, we have specialized marketing and technical personnel who can always support our customers with fast and accurate product information and soluition. Besides, we have an effective management systhem both in werehousing and distrubution that guarantee our quick response to your any kind of needs.

The three first values relate to the way we are "reliable partners"

The next three relate to the way er "innovate"

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