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Empowering performance. Delivering convenience. An instant sauce that thickens and shines without heating. The face wash that smells and feels as good as it did when it was made, even after months on the pharmacy shelf. The bioplastic film that keeps cheese fresher longer. We help you answer the need for performance—in the way ingredients work in your processes, maintain stability over time, adapt with ease from pre-preparation to final consumption and function in your applications. Delivering more renewable products and renewable ingredients is just as important. Your new product also has to be better than the last in some way. We all expect progress and continuous improvement in everything we buy. And we want to pay less for them. At Ingredion, we understand convenience and performance and their competitive advantages. At Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation centres, your challenges focus our work toward: Proprietary technologies that protect active ingredients Nature-based, sustainably and organically farmed ingredients Process improvements to save you time and money Ingredient solutions that make your food and beverage products taste and look better

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